INDESIGN provides comprehensive architectural and interior design services for residential, commercial, hospitality and retail spaces. From ideation to execution, we design and execute homes, offices, retail stores, hotels and restaurants. The Interior Designers and Architects at INDESIGN by Fanusta are equipped with modern design aesthetics, taste, experience, and enthusiasm to create your space. 

We bring your vision and taste in harmony with our design sensibilities and expertise in crafts, to curate a truly bespoke experience for you. 
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How we work

Step 1:

It all starts with a simple form
This form will help us get to know you and schedule a free consultation with our designer
Schedule a free consultation
Our team of expert designers will call you to understand your requirements
Get Customized Design ideas
We will get back to you within 5 working days with personalized design intent

Step 2:

Partner with us by paying a booking amount
The booking amount seals the deal and enables us to plan timelines and your dream space
Finalize a customized design
Our team of experts will curate a designs that best suits your needs and style, once you finalize the design 
Finalize the look, color theme and materials
To seal the designs and the final aesthetics of the project

Step 3:

Sit back and relax while we detail the requirements for delivering your space in time
Plan the sourcing of best quality raw materials, engage labour and artisans best suited for your project Plan a detailed implementation of your space
You will receive detailed and timely updates every week from your team
Know Your Team
- A designer
- A project Manager
- A site supervisor
They will be on one WhatsApp group so you have a single place to send and receive information and updates
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Why Us?

Customised Interiors
5 Year Material
Transparent & Flexible
Design to Delivery Quality Maintained
Regular Updates
& Reports
Design Services

Founder's Message

'INDESIGN was conceptualised to solve challenges faced by the end customer and local artisans in this complex interior design industry. We at INDESIGN  are focused on eliminating the middleman as much as possible to pass on the cost and quality benefit to our clients while upholding craftsmanship standards.'

We, at INDESIGN , wish to create interior designing solutions that are hassle-free, transparent and provide one-stop solutions from interiors to furniture for both commercial and residential projects. We wish to deliver architectural and interior designs that are focused on aesthetic enhancement, functional needs and appeal to the senses for each of our projects. We are committed to creating contemporary, well-designed spaces by bringing the great craftsmanship of local artisans, the design aesthetics of professional interior designers and architects, and thoughtfully sourced products.

Our Team, Our Strength

We have an experienced team from top to bottom

INDESIGN by Fanusta designs spaces that are aesthetically pleasing yet functional. Architectural design is at our core & we believe every space has its character and it should perfectly blend with your personality and at the same time great emphasis is placed on functionality and long-term utility. Our team of talented, experienced and qualified designers and architects pay special attention to all these details.

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