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Classical 4 BHK Penthouse Apartment

"A smart and contemporary yet very subtle and calm. The interior design in this beautiful home indeed speaks for itself. Its modern living room is filled with serenity and calmness. With a lot of open space, we ensured that every inch was kept occupied either with greenery accents or statement pieces of furniture. Each room interior of this home is a beautiful representation of the people residing in them. The overall feel of the house is welcoming and warm."

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Contemporary 4 BHK

"A house set in the idea to stay connected to one’s roots, this 4 BHK apartment interior is truly a reflection of its residents. The entire home is amalgamated into one colour palette, with each room having its own unique character. The living room interior is set in the lighter tones of grey, highlighted by the pastel green and mustard furniture. The kids room interior is bright and lively with a colour palette was decided to accommodate both the design and the practicality of the room."

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3 BHK Modern Apartment

"A home set in luxury and sophistication, this 3 BHK Apartment is setting the standards high with modern colours and design elements. The living room is set in the tones of grey with details and decor based in golden hues to inspire luxury. The bed rooms are designed in hues of beige and grey for a warm and welcoming feel. The warm lighting of the room provides a really hospitable environment."

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3 BHK Indian Contemporary

"The brilliance of an interior  design lies in the details. This apartment is filled with minute details that catch your attention. From the simplistic and modern design of the dining area which compliments the intricate wall and dark wooden crockery cabinet to the aesthetically designed common wash basin area. The entrance and the living room are designed in welcoming hues, creating a comfortable environment while the bedrooms are dipped in the colours of the mother earth and highlighted by small colour elements in decor."

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Mrs. & Mr. Kulhari House

Mrs. & Mr. Kulhari’s double storey home in Sikar (Rajasthan) is a beautiful blend of subtle colors, soothing interior elements, and tasteful accessories. The turnkey project experts at InDesign rendered a modish vibe for the home using contemporary materials & décor and combining it with soft neutral tones to let the space breathe comfort. As requested by Mr. Kulhari, the space is kept minimal with artifacts and furnishings in muted tones. Every bedroom has its own identity to suit its user.

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2 BHK Contemporary Flat

This contemporary 2BHK flat impresses with its sleek modern design, attention to detail, and carefully chosen color palette. The warm and welcoming living room and entrance, functional yet stylish wash basin area, and masterpiece dining area with a dark wooden crockery cabinet all add to the sophistication of the space. The earthy-toned bedrooms with playful pops of color create a calming and energizing environment for rest and relaxation.

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Daffodils World School

School is where the kids foster their minds, it should include spaces that inspire creativity and thought. Our team designed and executed a warm and welcoming reception area for Daffodils World School located in Sikar, Rajasthan. The space has shades of green to highlight the otherwise subtle design of the area. Marble is one of the primary material used which gives a sleek look.The entire space is very welcoming and serves the purpose of a perfect reception area.

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Ashvpeda Retail

Our another thoughtfully crafted retail space for the up and coming ayurveda beauty and wellness chain. We tried to create a space that echoes the brand’s philosophy of Simplicity, Harmony with nature and Handmade luxury. Our designers wanted to not only create a space that is aesthetic and functional but also improves the mental well-being of the customers. The furniture range is also inspired by age-old craft of jute weaving crafted by the dexterous craftspeople.

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Melodia Clubhouse

The clubhouse was designed for a modern, all-amenities inclusive high rise residential building. Our designers kept it modern and bling to become the centre of attraction for the residents looking for their homes. The materials used to a level of scale and extent that together forms similar patterns in every corner of the space. The receptions  area is designed in bright colours with ample seating and beautiful lighting that add to the aesthetics of the space.

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